What To Ask When Buying A Smartphone In 2024?

The process of buying a smartphone was not a difficult task. The main considerations when buying an upcoming phone were the design and whether it came with it. There are numerous devices available in the market, and you must be an expert in technology to make an educated decision.

A large part of this is due to the fact that the majority of us use phones more to do things online rather than making calls. The rest simply comes down to the speed at which the technology is changing.

1. What operating system does it run?

If you’re purchasing an iPhone you’ll receive iOS 12 and 13 (with the possibility of upgrading to version 15 after turning on). If you’re looking for a different model, you’ll get either an Android or Windows Phone 8 or 10 powered devices, though it’s more likely to be Android.

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There are a few Windows Phone devices on the market, so let’s take a look at Android. The most recent version of Android is 12.0 (called Android S) However, there are a few various versions available. The older and less expensive models are running android 8.0 (called Oreo). It’s recommended to avoid this and choose a device slightly more modern. You should find lots of entry-level Android devices that can run Android 10 and 11.

2. What’s the battery’s life like?

With no exception, smartphones have terrible battery life. Contrary to feature phones that can last for days on one charge, smartphones usually just last for 24 hours. However, even then there may be some significant differences between various smartphones.

Manufacturers typically inform you of the amount of time their phones are expected to last. Based on standby times or talk-time. However, you should be aware that your device will not keep its promise for as long as the stated times (phones are tested constantly under the best conditions).

Look for an Android phone that has a minimum of 6 hours of talk duration and 900 minutes of standby time. The more powerful the phone is with regards to both of these numbers. However, the most common payoff for a longer battery lifespan is a heavier device.

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3. What resolution of the screen is it?

This one is best to look into rather than ask. If you’re considering many smartphones before buying, take an eye on the two screens. Particularly, take note of the clarity of text on both. Because you’ll be using your phone for a lot of time, you’ll need to choose one that’s easy to read.

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This is particularly important when purchasing a phone that isn’t the most basic or if you intend on spending a lot of time watching movies and YouTube videos on your phone.

4. What’s the memory of the phone?

Your new smartphone comes with a constrained capacity of memory. It can be used to store photos and videos as well as store background information to run apps. The greater the internal memory (the memory included in the handset) the better, but many phones, particularly entry-level models. Let you extend their memory with SD Micro-SD or SD cards. These are the exact memory cards that your digital camera is using.

5. What is the camera’s megapixel?

Did you know that the iPhone is by far the most frequently used camera phone? This is that, unlike other cameras, smartphones are carried throughout the day. If your phone is to be the primary camera for you, you’ll want to ensure you purchase a smartphone that has a quality lens.

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Megapixels are likely to be the most efficient way to judge quality but it really shows how big the final photos will end up being. Smartphones have pinhole lenses, which means they can take photographs with everything in sharp focus. However, they’re not very good at taking pictures in dim lighting.

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6. Does it come with 5G

5G is designed to replace the 4G version that is in use today. With 5G, you will get faster speeds for downloading and a better connection, but not all phones require the technology and there aren’t all networks that support it at this time.

Smartphone prices are likely to increase with the technology of 5G. If you’re looking for a premium phone, one that has all the latest features, you’ll have to search for one with 5G. If you prefer a regular smartphone, there’s no need to go to the expense of purchasing 5G.

Other things to keep an eye for

Cases. When purchasing a smartphone, keep in mind that you’ll also need to purchase a cover or case to protect your phone. The majority of high-end model cases are accessible in high-end shops. However, other models with lower prices don’t have them. You’ll be required to search online or contact the store to buy one.

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