How Technology Changed Our Life? Pros and Cons

Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to pay your water bill? What about going a month or two without running water in your home at all? It might not be easy to imagine, but there was a time when this was life for many people.

That changed when the flush toilet became widely available to the public not too long ago. This advancement allowed houses to have running water without dealing with a toilet that had to be emptied multiple times per day.

However, there are many disadvantages to technology as well. There are now many new types of jobs that were not around before, but at the same time it is easy for people with low qualifications to get these jobs; this causes a bigger gap among society and creates chronic unemployment in some parts of the population.

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Technology also makes cyber-attacks much easier which causes security concerns; these attacks can damage personal information, steal credit card numbers, and access bank accounts. Technology also has an environmental impact, as it creates more pollution from the energy used to power it.

Advantages Of Technology

Technology is what helps people in life; it is a machine or tool that uses science. Some of the benefits technology brings to life are: it makes transportation more efficient, decreases travel time, and increases road safety; it also reduces pollution and creates new jobs.

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If you look back to the past, the world we live in now is not even close to what it was like.  We have progressed so much and improved our lives with science and technology.  The most obvious advance is the invention of the automobile for traveling and transport.

  • Nowadays, many people own cars and travel very often.  People commute to work, visit family and friends, or drive far distances to travel. Before the automobile was invented, people could only travel by horseback, on a train, buggy or a boat.
  • The invention of the automobile changed people’s lives for good because they could easily go from one place to another and spend half of the time they would have previously spent on traveling. People come from far away places to discover new opportunities, for example, accountants or engineers.
  • A common reason that teachers use technology in the classroom is to increase student engagement, but it can do much more than that. Technology helps students retain information easier, improves communication skills, and allows educators to measure their success.
  • The benefits don’t end with students. Teachers can also benefit from using education technology. They are able to not only monitor student progress but test themselves to improve their own skills. Technology can be used as formative assessments so teachers know what concepts students struggle with and need more help with, or which areas they excel in for differentiated instruction.
  • Inventors and scientists found many ways people’s lives could be improved with science and technology. For example, all houses now have heating and air conditioning systems that make their life easier than before.
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  • Some doctors invented medicines that cured some diseases like pneumonia or tuberculosis decades ago, which is a great achievement that also changed our life because we didn’t need to see our family members die anymore.

Life was not as easy as it currently is but every year things become more efficient and better for us as human beings.

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Disadvantages Of Technology

Technology has increased exponentially in the past decade. Computers are not only more powerful but also smaller and cheaper than ever before. Almost everyone owns a cell phone with almost infinite capabilities. Cars can now drive themselves through heavy traffic using guidance systems that make human input nearly unnecessary.

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Even something as simple as watching television has been altered by technology, leaving viewers capable of accessing their favorite shows on-demand via streaming services like Netflix.

Unfortunately, this massive technological boom comes at a cost many argue that it is having negative effects on society as a whole. For instance, people are becoming addicted to electronic devices which serve to entertain or distract them from what is happening around them.

  • This addiction to entertainment interferes with productivity both at home and at work. There are also concerns about the long-term effects of living in a world where people spend so much time in front of screens or machines. Scientists worry that this is negatively affecting social interactions and causing an increase in mental health issues such as depression, loneliness, and anxiety.
  • Technology has also been accused of ruining relationships, both romantic and friendly. While internet communication used to be limited to email or chat rooms, technology today allows for video chats with family members across the globe or even voice chats between friends who live on different continents.
  • Although the scope of these conversations has expanded greatly, many questions if they can replace actual face-to-face contact. They argue that talking via does not teach children how to interact with other humans in a meaningful way.
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  • In addition to the growing lack of human interactions, people are also becoming less aware of their surroundings as they stare at their phones or tablets while walking around. As a result, there has been an increasing number of accidents due to pedestrians being distracted by technology.

Problems With Modern-Day Technology

These problems with modern-day technology seem likely to worsen over time as more and more devices become connected to the internet and controlled via mobile apps. The increase in wifi capabilities has led many individuals to purchase smart homes.

While these homes can do amazing things such as automatically turn on lights when you enter a room–a convenience that would be nearly impossible without modern technology some find them disconcerting. For instance, it is possible for someone who hacks into your home’s wifi network to turn your oven on while you are at work.

Any device that is connected to the internet becomes vulnerable to hacking, including baby monitors. As technology continues to advance it is likely that there will be more stories of this kind involving increased privacy violations and increased danger for people who choose not to use these devices.

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The rise in automation has also created many problems. While some argue that machines like cars that perform basic human tasks make life easier or safer, others disagree. For instance, it could be argued that self-driving technology takes away a sense of adventure from driving; one does not get the same thrill when sitting back while the car itself handles every aspect of driving as they would if they were doing it themselves.

In addition, machines which perform basic human tasks can be dangerous when they fail to understand that a situation is too complex for them to handle on their own. For example, the Tesla autopilot system failed to detect a semi-truck that had pulled into its path while driving on an interstate highway in May of 2016. This lapse caused the car’s computer system to collide with the truck at full speed, killing the driver.

Many people might think that the invention of smartphones is helpful because it allows them to easily get in touch with others and access information. However, this technology takes up a lot of people’s time (sometimes too much) and is also linked to health problems. It is unclear whether the invention of smartphones has added more benefits than it has disadvantages.

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The future does not seem likely to fix these problems either. While many technological advancements such as self-driving cars or touch screens began with good intentions, some argue that science has created more problems than it has solved so far.

Furthermore, new technologies are being developed all the time and it is impossible to predict what might go wrong with them down the line. For instance, 5G technology is being introduced in some parts of the world which promises faster data processing than ever before.

While there have not been any serious health concerns yet and it seems likely that these will be minimal given how much money is invested into research and safety regulations there may end up being a time when this technology does turn out to be harmful.

In conclusion, although modern-day technology certainly has its benefits, it also comes with many significant disadvantages as well. It is important to make sure that the advancements of technology do not outweigh its disadvantages for a better future.

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