How To be A Good Electrical Engineering Student?

Being an electrical engineering student is pretty time-consuming. By the time you are done with your undergraduate degree, you have spent five years being trained to think about things that most people never even consider.

You might go home eight hours before bedtime or read dozens of pages in a few minutes during lunch. However, what makes this worth doing is the fact that at the end of your time as an EE, you will have a lot to show for it.

1. Pay Attention In Class

This seems obvious, but it’s hard sometimes because everything is so interesting. However, listening to lectures is how you learn the material that will be on tests and ultimately be on exams at work you need to pay attention in class. If you are not paying attention, how can you expect to pass the exam?

2. Do Your Homework

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It is very easy to keep putting off doing your homework until it’s due, which makes procrastinating seem like a good idea. However, when you don’t do your homework that means that you are not thinking about the material enough. If you do your homework early, then you have more time to ask questions in class or talk with the professor after the lecture.

3. Go To Office Hours

If you don’t understand something in a lecture, go to office hours. One-on-one time with an instructor will allow them to better understand if something is wrong and will allow you to ask questions. If nothing else, by showing up to office hours you are already demonstrating that you care about your education and want to succeed in the class.

4. Get Involved

There are a lot of ways to get involved on campus, go to club meetings, go bowling, take part in research projects, etc. Getting involved helps you learn more about the field and meet other students who might share some of your interests.

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Being a good Electrical Engineering student, you should never think that just by going to class and doing your homework that this is all it takes to be an electrical engineer getting out there and being social is very important as well!

5. Avoid Distractions

You will be spending a lot of time in school studying electrical engineering, don’t make it harder for yourself by also trying to balance time with other courses. This means that you should avoid the temptation of having the TV on while you are doing homework or studying it is too much like your daily life to be helpful.

girl distracted by phone

Also, studies show that if there is someone else in the room when you are trying to study it makes you less likely to pay attention; this means that if you have friends over while you’re trying to get work done instead of helping they will probably end up distracting you. And a good Electrical Engineering student won’t let anyone distract him while studying.

6. Don’t Fall Behind

It’s easy to not do well one semester and then find yourself falling far behind so that it is more difficult to get caught up. If you do poorly on a test or a project, don’t think that you can just try harder next time and expect it to be okay — always go to office hours if you need help with the material.

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7. Get Enough Sleep

I know this may seem like some advice out of Parents magazine or what you tell your little sibling before putting them to bed, but staying up late studying for tests/doing homework can actually hurt your grades more than help them.

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If you’re constantly sleep-deprived, chances are you won’t be thinking as clearly as you normally would, resulting in an even bigger headache. Plus, getting enough sleep ensures that you have time to do things outside of school/work so it’s good for mental health too!

8. Have Fun

Getting an electrical engineering degree will give you many opportunities when you graduate not just because of what people will pay for your skills after graduating, but also because there are so many options for what kind of job that you might want in EE.

3 girls having fun

However, doing well academically does not mean that this time should not be fun! Find activities outside of academics that appeal to you and spend some time enjoying life because, in the long run, life is too short to spend working all the time.

9. Make Connections Outside Of School

This can be done through things like internships or just by talking to people at work. Getting connections is important for career prospects after you graduate because it allows you to get advice and help in ways that might not otherwise be available who knows, maybe one day your old professor will become an employer! These connections might also lead to interesting job opportunities down the line.

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10. Get Good Grades In High School

Getting good grades in high school increases your chances of getting into a good college, but even more importantly it shows colleges that you are serious about continuing your education and succeeding at whatever you do.

Schools take that into account when they review applications; this means that if you do poorly in high school and then get good grades in college, the university might not think you are capable of succeeding.

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